Sunday, March 11, 2012

Sunday - March 11

Here is a couple of hungry cats. They just couldn't wait for me to get the crunchies in their dishes.
Oh my..........the sun is shining.........the sky is blue..........the temperature is going UP ~~ the birds are sitting on the porch rail...... Spring is coming. Overall we had a very mild winter - with a few cold days.....but we are all so anxious for spring to come.
Last week....after a "big" snow and some cold temps - this cute snow sculpture was along 10th St in North Fargo. This kitty was so darn cute ~~~ that took some talent ! I sent this picture to some on email, but had to share it again.
Well, it is time for another cup of coffee and then I better get busy.......Lots to do !! But first I am going to open the window for a little fresh air.

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