Sunday, February 12, 2012

Sunny Sunday

This is Lizzy, and she is such a great sewing machine !! I think she sews FASTER than my other I hope she will help me sew up LOTS more quilts and she does embroidery too !!

I think this sunny day calls for a COKE !! Don't you love the new can this winter ?

Our temperature is slowly going back up this week. I know I shouldn't complain about a "few" days of NORMAL temps for a North Dakota winter, but we have been so spoiled this year with the mild weather.

Off to a hockey game in a bit..........the boys lost their game last night, BUT they out-played the other team, just could not get that darn puck in the net. So.....I am hoping for a WIN today.

I am almost ready to share a picture of the "Beary Good Times" quilt.......I am so excited how it turned out. And I made it up all by myself !! AND I have a plan for the next quilt I am about to start.........

Have a good week !!

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