Thursday, June 2, 2011


Last weekend at the lake......... Things were pretty quiet

Rollie had to go for a swim..........brrrrrr the water was cold !

But he was satisfied that he got to swim !

Most of the weekend was nice.....little cool.....but not bad. Monday night we had storms here at home.....lots of tree damage and some roofs and things were damaged....All was fine in our yard.

Yesterday was nice weather !!! Today is windy again and possible storms later tonight....

I have a million things to do today !!! So......just wanted to say Hello !!

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  1. Hello back at ya!! I just got home from having lunch with my sewing friends. One of them is threatened with the flooding in south Bismarck and is really stressed out so instead of sewing we took her to lunch. It was great getting together and catching up and giving her comfort. I can't believe how high the Missouri is and how dirty it is too. In the 12 years I've been here I've seen nothing like it. My heart certainly goes out to them all.

    I know, old news for you Fargo folks who put up with this every year but we are not prepared. I'm thankful that I'm high 'n dry in my little town.

    Have a great weekend!!