Thursday, March 24, 2011

Things loook much better today !

This was what it looked like Wednesday (March 23) morning after the crazy weather Tuesday evening and through the night... We had snow thunder and lightning...rain, sleet, ice pellets, snow, and wind !.. The official total for the Fargo area was 9 inches, but it sure looked like more than that !..... After more than an hour of snow blowing hubby got the driveway cleaned out.
And then we had to find our way to Fargo ......Both the Interstates were closed...and remained closed till early afternoon...but we know the back roads to town ! got there with no problem.
Hi Ho - Hi Ho - it's off to work we go !!.......
With the stronger March sun yesterday and today......things are looking much better !! BUT there are snow piles EVERYWHERE....... The flood forecast will be updated again very we will see if this snow is going to add to the severity of the spring thaw/ possible flood. that things are pretty much back to normal.....we can get back to "Thinking Spring".....

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