Thursday, March 3, 2011

Happy March !!

Well, let's see what March might bring ?............. These two lazy cats are the only ones who get to come into my sewing room .........they lay down and don't get into things. Little Mitzer (below) is the one who is always stealing my chair !

Been a very busy couple weeks around here !!! My daughter got a new job, my husband has accepted a new job........ I am going to stay put at the quilt shop !
We have been very busy there - new fabric coming in the door......and that gets us all excited to SEW SEW SEW !! Have to get some fun new items sewed up from the new fabric !! We are planning LOTS of fun things for the upcoming few months !

This is the latest quilt I is now back from the quilter and I will be putting the binding on tomorrow night while watching some of my favorite TV shows. I just finished my little March calendar quilt........not sure if I even remembered to take a picture of it..... I will have to take a picture at the shop.
The other news from the Red River Valley of the north is...........spring flooding !.....
The numbers keep changing.....but it looks like everyone is getting ready..... they are running sandbagging operations in both Fargo and Moorhead....and the dike building has begun..... seems they are starting those rather early.....but I guess better to be prepared than have to try to do that as the river is quickly rising. I have not heard of much flood preparation here in our little city.......but I imagine those who are in charge have the plans in place and will let us know when they need help. I can't fill sandbags or stack them anymore.......but I will gladly bring food and snack items for those who are working.
It is getting late and I need to get up early and get to the quilt shop. I hope to go have breakfast first !......

Good Night............


  1. Thank goodness there is no flooding in my little town!! I hope everyone will be happy in their new jobs :0)