Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Time to catch up !

Grandpa and "C"
Daughter and "T"

"T" studying something he unwrapped.........

Guess I have been busy chasing my tail the last few days.....

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas and you all have some fun plans for the New Year's celebrations coming up !

Our Christmas was quiet and uneventful - that is just the way I like it ! We spent Christmas Eve with our daughter, her significant other and our grandsons. Even though they are getting to be "teenagers" they are still just "kids" at Christmas !! My greatest gift is to get a hug from the Grandsons ! That is the best Christmas gift I can get.

I also have more pictures that I will be sharing...........My blog will be out of order for a few days.....oh well.....
I will be watching for those long lists of New Year's Resolutions !.......LOL...... I am looking for the list I wrote last year......going to be pretty much the same.
Have a great day !!

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  1. You are so lucky to spend Christmas with family, I truly miss that!! I don't do resolutions, just set a few goals on the quilting front :0)