Sunday, December 12, 2010

North Dakota Cold

It is times like this when I actually have to wonder WHY we live in North Dakota..... ! our temp this morning is only at -5. the wind chill is hmmm..... about -22 BUT the sun is shining and there is not much wind today !..... So.....from the inside........ seeing the crisp white snow and the sun shining looks so pretty ! Looks like Christmas. We didn't put up any yard decorations this I borrowed a picture of my neighbors pretty lights.
Yesterday we traveled to Mayville, ND about 60 miles north of us for HOCKEY. That is the reason the winter goes by quickly for me. I love going to my grandson's hockey games. With mittens and layers of clothing and a blanket to sit (cold benches) it is good..........AND a cup of hot cocoa really helps. Today one Grandson is bowling and then the other has another hockey that keeps us going on the weekends.
The big storm of the northern plains they are talking about on the weather channel.....well, that missed us WAY up here . LOL......missed us this time. BUT we got the cold. I am sure we will get another chance at the winter storms.
As long as we have coffee, bread, milk, pizza, and fabric !.......We can survive the stormy days. Well at least I can. Oh and DOG and CAT food.....THAT we have to have.
But all in all........... I really do like it here.......well, except for the mosquitoes....but that is topic for another day.
Stay warm !!!


  1. We got the snow and the cold but no wind so it wasn't horrible to be out blowing the snow off. I noticed that there are not as many homes decorated this year...must be a sign of the lousy economic times.


  2. No snow here, just the cold. The temps dropped fast. The wind is picking up. Winter hasnt even started yet.

    I'm with you on those cold benches. The hot chocolate does make it worth it. Just seems to taste better in the cold.