Wednesday, September 8, 2010


This is the peach pie I made last sure was good !!!(guess I got the pictures backwards)
Today looks like the nicest day of the week.... We got 4.75 inches of rain on Monday afternoon and through the night.
Got home just in time on Monday to get the grass cut before the rain.
Today I go back to work - Yep, back out in the world. I am looking forward to it - Maybe I will get more energy this way. I kind of ran out of steam at the end of summer.
Please add a prayer for a quilting friend of mine who lost her home to fire the other night.. Her and her husband made it out - but only with the clothes they were wearing. They lost their cars and their beloved dogs. Makes you realize how fast your life can change...... and that we better appreciate all that we have. Maybe that makes me sound "materialistic" but I don't mean it that way... guess we all need "stuff" like a house and food and for all of that to be suddenly gone..... wow..... I would not know where to turn.
It is time to get ready to head to the mall and see what is NEW there !!...... All the fall and winter thing are finding their way in the stores ! ( I will let you know when the Christmas merchandise arrives! )
Have a great day !!!


  1. We had the same lovely rain the day before. I will keep your friends in my thoughts. What an awful thing to happen!!


  2. I'll pray for your friends. I can't imagine what they're going through...and it makes me realize that having to move out of our house (because the owners are selling) is actually not that bad.

    Anyway, your pie looked delicious!!