Saturday, March 18, 2017

March 18, 2017

Another project....... there is just so much to do !   I want to chalk paint  !  So I have been reading and researching different paints.... and I am using Annie Sloan's chalk paint and wax.  This is my very first piece. 
As I was going through some "stuff"... I found this board..  it is the hymn board from my old church.... this hung in the church for many years.  What makes this special is - my dad made this.  And when they left the old church building and build a new church... or course all the old stuff had to go.  They were good enough to give if back to my dad...... and like everything else.. we saved it !  But now I am glad to have this.. and I am going to chalk paint and find a place to hang it in my home. 
This is just the first coat of paint on it.... I will work on it again today.

For those of you who know I retired..... I am really enjoying it !  I am working on so many different projects and it is great to have the time to spend on going through things and deciding what I can part with.... believe me - it is a big job !  But so far it is going pretty good.

I will show you the finished hymn board when I get it finished.

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