Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Snowy day..........

  Didn't take a picture today..... everyone knows what blustery and snowy looks like...   We are having a cold spell again... I suppose... it is only February. 
I had a fun sewing day last Sunday..... worked on some UFO's  and today I am trying to sew up a drawer full of scraps !  I have 3 different scrap quilts I am working on..... so I get a few blocks done and some day I will have 3 big scraps quilts ready to quilt.
Oh yes, quilting !!.... I have several tops to quilt and will have more - so in the future there will be "quilting" days. 
Still sorting...... some had asked why I am not done with that ?...... LOL....... that is funny !!   There is 4 generations of people's stuff to go through.....sorry to those who think I should just chuck it.... that is not the way I work..... and... I will get through it.... it will just take longer than a week or two. 

I will keep you updated.  You have to start with the little projects and then work your way through it.

Tomorrow Gustov goes to the groomer..... poor guy , he is getting so stiff.... we figure he is 13 or 14 years old now... that is a long life for a  Large Munsterlander.  It just isn't fair that large dogs have a shorter life span than smaller dogs. 

My lunch time is done..... and I am going to sew for awhile and then sort for awhile..
Have a good day !

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