Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Spring ? ........... Really ?

Well, the calendar says it should be SPRING .......but it is really slow in coming.
We had a couple really nice days......and tonight they are talking snow - and tomorrow they say we could have "challenging driving conditions".   So....we will see what tomorrow brings.

I don't know where the time goes......but I do know it goes too fast. 
I have been busy working and trying to keep up..... Jeff is enjoying his new career.....it keeps him very busy and very irregular hours...but that is OK..... it is what it is.

I should be taking some pictures to share here........I will try to do better at that.

I was reading through some of the blogs that I follow....seems they are all behind too. 

Maybe we are all just slow to get going again after the long cold winter.

I better keep moving and try to get a little more done before I head to work for the day.

Happy Easter !!  I hope it is SPRING where you are !

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