Friday, January 31, 2014

January comes to an end.....................

January comes to an end.................well, that is has been a VERY cold January here.
I am tired of this really cold stuff.  (insert UFFDA here).

Last Thursday, Jan. 23 I had gall bladder surgery.  Got there at 5:45am and was home by 1:00pm.  Everything went fine and quick !  They just run you right through.  Everyone there was VERY nice and I was well taken care of.  I slept most of Thursday and Friday and then felt pretty darn good.

I went back to work yesterday and did OK.  I will get caught up on my naps over the weekend.

I suppose everyone except ME will be watching the Superbowl Game....... I am just NOT a football fan or any kind.  I will do some sewing and take a nap.

Jeff has his first listing ! Yeah !!!  He has been showing it and hoping for a buyer very soon.  There are not many houses for sale here in the the ones that are for sale.......are quick to go.

I better get the hounds in...........too darn cold out there.

One of these days I will take some pictures to add here !!!
Stay Warm !

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