Tuesday, May 7, 2013

FINALLY - some nice weather.

Dare I hope........two days in a row of nice weather !!!  Maybe we will get a little spring before  summer.  I had better hurry and do my flowerbeds.....before the mosquitoes come.

This is the quilt I just finished and is now hanging in the quilt shop.  I love the Dresden Plate quilt block and I was so excited when the shop owner asked me to make this for the shop.

I worked a long time on this quilt, but it was all worth it. I still have to make a label for it and document my time and dates.
There are 4 bouquets of hand embroidery on the quilt......one stitch at a time.......I am so excited to have it finished and custom quilted by a long arm professional from West Fargo.  ( I just hope it never ends up in a dog bed or wrapping furniture in the back of a pick up......ugh.....that would be my worst nightmare.)    Maybe my daughter will like some of my quilts...I hope this is one she will like and keep to remember me.

The dogs are loving this nice weather.......in and out , and in and out, that is how I spend my days at home. 
So.....time to let the dogs out again.......and then to my sewing room.  Have another quilt to finish today.
Have a good day !


  1. The quilt is lovely Claudia. Why is it that when the weather gets lovely, I leave town? LOL


  2. This quilt is so beautiful!!! I love the chocolate background and the hand embroidery adds so much to the quilt. I love it!!!