Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Tuesday, October 9

Cool and windy fall day...... Most of the leaves are gone from the trees. I hope there is a few more nice warm sunny days......before that white stuff comes.
This is "Little Mitzer".........she is my sweet little sewing cat.  She is with me in my sewing room all the time.  Nothing better than having a little cat sit with you while you sew.

This is the turkey wall quilt I made for my Youth Sewing Group.  It turned out rather cute !  Other customers were asking for the pattern.....I think I might have to publish my patterns and sell them rather than giving them away......LOL...
This is the little tree I made using the little half-hexi tool.  Now we are doing a "challenge" with this at the quilt shop.  You make and decorate a tree and the other customers will vote on their favorite !  Should be fun.   I hope to make some more of these for Christmas decorating.

Just had a roofer come and look at the roof.........time to re-shingle the roof I guess......... LOTS of things to do with a house when it hits 20 years old...... I say it is time to build a new house !

I am way behind on reading the blogs I follow........just not enough time in the day.
I hope you are all having a good week !!

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