Thursday, August 23, 2012

As the sun sets..................

 I spent at week at the cabin with a girlfriend.......sewing and sewing and sewing !  We had a great time and got quite a bit of sewing done.  Once I get settled in at the lake I just can't leave...... I could stay there forever and never come back to the "big city".  Oh I know Fargo isn't that big a city, but it has grown so much since I was young and continues to grow with traffic and big city problems.  Being at the lake is so nice......quiet and a much slower pace.  I really think that is what I am looking for.

While at the lake  it was the last week of the Minnesota Shop Hop.  This has gotten to be a big deal.....about 80 quilt shops across Minnesota participate in this shop hop.  There is even a special line of fabric that comes out - "Minnesota" fabric........ya - you betcha !!  So of course I had to get a little of that.  We did manage to get to 6 shops in the area.....well, within a 100 miles or so.  And of course we saw some different quilty things and did some shopping. 
This is one of the projects I made while I was at the lake.......It is now on display at the quilt shop. It was really fun to make and went together quickly so I know this will NOT be the last one I made like this.
Here's...............chipper !
The little chippers were so busy shelling peanuts and taking them to their little dens.....I suppose they are stocking up for the winter.

Well, I have a suitcase to pack and LOTS more things to get ready today so I can leave for a week of education in St. Louis, MO   I have never been there so I am looking forward to the trip and all the things I am going to learn. 
I made a date with Jeff for dinner Sunday....we have been ships passing in the night.....he travels and I travel........I think it will be about 4 weeks since I have seen him.  LOL 
Gustov is going to the salon today........he needs a bath and his nails trimmed.   Then he will be such a pretty boy.  Poor Rollie will have to stay home.
Have a great weekend !!.......... Meet me in St. Louie........Louie........... !

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