Sunday, January 15, 2012

January 15

Pillow top I made.

My Dresden Daisy......

Half way through January ??? .......where does the time go ??? I hope everyone is having a Happy New Year ! I am having a busy New Year.

Our North Dakota weather (up until a couple weeks ago) was so mild and just didn't seem like winter. We had many days in the 40's and some mid 50's. What a great way to knock off about 3 months of winter. Then a few days ago it got COLD and reminded us that we do live in North Dakota. But still not much snow to speak of.

And how are you doing with that list of resolutions ?? I didn't make a long list.......And I am doing well on my UFO list of sewing. Got one quilt done and on the bed......will have to remember to take a picture of that one.

The sun is shining and the temp. is 31.....not bad for January !!

Have a great day !!

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  1. Love the daisy!!! We keep going from warm to cold. We just had a thunderstorm about an hour ago and it's still pouring out. But we need the rain we haven't had much moisture this winter. Take Care :)