Monday, December 21, 2009

As 2009 comes to an end.

Today is December 21,2009...........They call this day the "First Day of Winter"....and also the beginning of "Winter Solstice"........ I am not real schooled on all the things about Winter Solstice... but it is on my list of "things to learn about".
The first order of business for me is to report on the weather..... Here in eastern North Dakota we have some snow... some icy spots...... but not too bad.... And we are seeing forecasts in the 20's for the upcoming days.
I hope you are all ready for Christmas - I thought I had alot of time (I always think that) and then the last few weeks go by too fast and here we are - just a couple days away and I am not ready. No baking is done, no wrapping is done, no decorating is done..... But then most of that is over rated anyway. I do have my food lined up ready for Christmas Eve.....All the good things! My daughter and I are having potato balls with side pork and salt pork. I also have the nibbley foods - lefse, pickled herring, olives, pickles, summer sausage, cheese, crackers, little weinies, little meatballs....maybe some bars with marshmellows and butterscotch chips...they shouldn't be too hard to make. And Jeff is going to make little pizzas for the Grandsons - with whatever toppings they want! So that along with some apple cider and coffee.......that should be just fine.
There will also be some gifts......they may be passed around wrapped in grocery bags.

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